How we Started

LIFDEK Corporation was started by three men with the intent to develop and commercialize a more cost-efficient and sustainable shipping system for lightweight shipping, based upon site-assemblable corrugated pallets. Having both worked with corrugated pallets in the past and experience starting companies previously, they set off in a small warehouse space.

LIFDEK’s goals were to develop the best possible corrugated pallets; with the necessary load capacity, the lowest amount of corrugated board and the fastest and easiest on-site assembly. They pushed this effort, which had resulted in ten revisions to their initial pallet design and seven pending patents.

In addition to pallet design, LIFDEK embarked on developing techniques and technologies to support customers’ ability to rapidly and easily assemble pallets at their own facilities. LIFDEK™ pallets are currently easily hand assembled on low cost LIFDEK assembly jigs, or on new version LIFDEK assembly machines coming soon. The pictures in our gallery capture our 2013 efforts developing our proof of concept and prototype LIFDEK pallet assembly machines.

LIFDEK pallets are uniquely scalable, because they utilize the existing infrastructure of corrugators that produce boxes, for production of the die cut top and bottom pallet blanks. LIFDEK partners essentially have thousands of locations across the world where the die cut top and bottom pallet blanks can be produced and sourced locally, regardless of how many locations. The cost-effective business model of LIFDEK provides the ability to offer corrugated pallets at a lower price than competitors and with production capabilities fast enough and close enough for the just in time quantities necessary for today’s largest pallet users.

Since starting, LIFDEK has gone through several different versions of corrugated pallets and numerous improvements as the company continually sought to develop solutions to better answer the requirements of different types of product shipping. Today, LIFDEK offers three pallet types, each designed for serving different shipping application needs. LIFDEK continues its efforts innovating corrugated pallets and corrugated pallet machinery as part of the Company’s continuous improvement philosophy.