Frequently Asked Questions

Use of Lifdek™ corrugated pallets continues to grow as a safe, cost effective and environmentally responsible alternative to pine, hardwood and plastic pallets. However, we are consistently asked these questions.

How much weight can be shipped on LIFDEK corrugated pallets?

Although many sizes of LIFDEK pallets can laboratory compression test to over 5 tons, they are not rated for shipping that much weight. Durability to handling is the most important factor and increasing load weight affects a pallet’s ability to accept abuse.  Common size SK and PA type LIFDEK pallets are preferably used for shipping less than 500 kg (1100 lbs) while PA Hybrid type LIFDEK pallets are preferably used for shipping less than 1 ton.  Even weight distribution on pallets is important and field testing is required for each application’s load type, handling and shipping.


How much do LIFDEK corrugated pallet weigh?
Standard size 1000 x 1200 mm or 48 x 40 inch LIFDEK pallets weigh about 3.5 kg (8 lbs). As a result, LIFDEK pallets are up to 80% lighter than wood and plastic pallets.  Different LIFDEK pallet sizes and board configurations vary the weight of the pallets accordingly.
How much do LIFDEK corrugated pallets cost?
Pricing depends on the size and quantity of pallets being purchased along with the local corrugated board prices. In general, LIFDEK corrugated pallet cost roughly the same as wood pallets for commodity size domestic shipped pallets, and they provide substantial  savings for odd size, air freight and international shipping pallets. Additional secondary cost savings are also realized from the LIFDEK pallet system in pallet delivery, handling, storage, shipping and recycling.
How difficult is it to assemble LIFDEK corrugated pallets?
Pallet hand assembly is easy and can be done in less than one minute on a LIFDEK pallet assembly jigs without the use of glue or staples.
Where are LIFDEK corrugated pallets available?
LIFDEK corrugated pallets can be produced almost anywhere in the world by utilizing the existing infrastructure of corrugators that produce boxes. Pallet top and bottom blanks are die cut, just like corrugated boxes. LIFDEK corrugated pallets are able to be shipped in close proximity to your facility when using a local corrugator to produce the pallet blanks.


Are LIFDEK corrugated pallets customizable?
Yes, LIFDEK corrugated pallets are readily producible in custom sizes for matching products’ specific load size, weight and shipping handling requirements.


Do LIFDEK corrugated pallets require any type of treatment for export?
No, LIFDEK corrugated pallets are ISPM-15 exempt, which means they do not require any heat or chemical fumigation treatments and stamping to be exported internationally.


Are LIFDEK corrugated pallets hygienic?
Lifdek corrugated pallets are designed for one-way, single shipping and recycle use.  As a result, they are much less susceptible to accumulate harmful toxins or pathogens as with many-time-circulated wood or plastic pallets
Can LIFDEK corrugated pallets be used in open-racking?
LIFDEK had previously offered pallet versions that could marginally be open-racked, however we no longer support the use of LIFDEK pallets in open-racking. Wire decking is now readily available for only $8 USD, making it both much more economical and safer to install, regardless of the pallet type.


Can LIFDEK corrugated pallets help reduce product damage?
Yes. Unlike wood pallets, LIFDEK corrugated pallets do not have nails or staples which can protrude and tear into transported product.  The corrugated paper construction can also provide increased shock absorbing that may reduce product damage during transport.


Are LIFDEK corrugated pallets tough?
LIFDEK corrugated pallets are not as tough as typical wood pallets, but when properly designed and used, they are tough enough to meet shipping needs and can provide a superior alternative in lighter weight, product customization and sustainability.


Can LIFDEK corrugated pallets be used with LTL, Less than Truckload, shipping?
LIFDEK’s PA Hybrid type corrugated pallets can possibly work in LTL shipping, depending on the product type and weight.  However, LTL shipping is the most handling-intensive and abusive shipping, which regularly causes damage to even wood pallets.


Can I advertise on LIFDEK corrugated pallets?
Yes, you can print your advertising on  LIFDEK corrugated pallets as long as the LIFDEK branding and marking requirements are met.


How many unassembled LIFDEK corrugated pallets can fit in standard a 53’ trailer?
LIFDEK corrugated pallets are shipped with unassembled blanks flat which enables transport of 2,520 of common size 1000 x 1200 mm or 48 x 40 inch pallets in each trailer. Other pallet dimensions may allow more or less LIFDEK corrugated pallets to be shipped per trailer load.