Frequently Asked Questions

Corrugated pallets continue to grow as a sanitary, cost effective and environmentally green alternative to wooden pallets. However, we are consistently asked a handful of common questions.

How much weight will a LIFDEK corrugated pallet hold?

Although weight is a factor when considering LIFDEK corrugated pallets, weight distribution is key in determining how much weight our pallets are capable of handling. Although our pallets are capable of holding certain static load configurations weighing in excess of 2,000 pounds, your company will need to test our pallets specifically for your load, application and handling equipment. A LIFDEK sales representative is able to help facilitate this testing.

How much does a LIFDEK corrugated pallet weigh?

Our standard 48" x 40" pallet in a stout doublewall board configuration weighs in at just under 8 pounds. Other pallet dimensions and board configurations changes the weight of the pallet.

How much does a LIFDEK corrugated pallet cost?

Pricing depends on the size, strength and quantity of pallets being purchased. The LIFDEK corrugated pallet cost is roughly the same cost as wooden pallets, but the cost savings realized from the LIFDEK corrugated pallet system makes them the least expensive pallets in the world. With a little bit of information, a LIFDEK sales representative will be able to give a pallet cost estimate.

Where are LIFDEK corrugated pallets available?

LIFDEK corrugated pallets can be produced across the world by utilizing the same infrastructure of corrugators that produce boxes across the world. Our die cut top and bottom blanks are run off a rotary die cutter, just like most of the boxes in the world. LIFDEK corrugated pallets are able to be shipped in close proximity to your facility when using a local corrugator to produce our blanks.

Can I advertise on LIFDEK corrugated pallets?

Yes, you can print your advertising on the LIFDEK corrugated pallets as long as the LIFDEK branding and marking requirements are met.

Do LIFDEK corrugated pallets require any type of treatment for export?

No, LIFDEK corrugated pallets are ISPM-15 exempt, which means they do not require any special treatments or stamping to be exported anywhere in the world.

How difficult is it to assemble a LIFDEK corrugated pallet?

Hand assembly is very easy and can be done in less than one minute without the use of glue or staples. Please watch the “HOW FAST” assembly video or the “HOW TO” assembly video in order to see the assembly.

How many LIFDEK corrugated pallets fit on a 53’ trailer?

LIFDEK corrugated pallets are shipped KDF (Knock Down Flat) which enables us to get 2,520 of our 48x40 pallets on each trailer. Other pallet dimensions may allow more or less LIFDEK corrugated pallets to be shipped in a trailer load.

Are LIFDEK corrugated pallets cardboard pallets?

Technically speaking, LIFDEK pallets are made from corrugated containerboard so they are not cardboard pallets. Many packages are made from cardboard, but a cardboard pallet would not be strong enough because the stacking strength comes from the corrugated medium sandwiched between the linerboards.