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Cost Savings summary provided by LIFDEK™ pallet system

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Substantial Cost Savings That Can Be Quantified

The LIFDEK™ pallet system offers substantial cost savings that can be quantified for your particular application by a LIFDEK sales representative.

  • Forklift Savings
    Forklifts pick up just 18 wood pallets compared to 180 unassembled Lifdek pallets, saving approximately 90% on incoming forklift labor, maintenance and fuel for incoming pallet freight.

  • Freight Savings
    Heavy wood block pallets can add nearly a ton of dead pallet weight, which reduces the amount of product loaded on the trailer before reaching maximum DOT weight limits. Lifdek pallets weight just 10 pounds, reducing dead pallet weight and increasing product shipped each trailer load.

  • Product Damage Savings
    Manufacturers shipping fragile products realize a reduction in product damages caused by broken wood slats, protruding nails, and double stacking heavy pallets. Lifdek pallets are perfect every time, light weight, and absorb vibration and shock offering a buffer between the road and your products.

  • Logistics and Handling Saving
    In many cases, product manufacturers can bypass the retail distribution centers and ship directly to the retail store location where Lifdek pallets are recycled along with other corrugated boxes, preventing pallet accumulation. Employees at retail locations can hand carry Lifdek pallets to the recycling bin rather than use pallet jacks or forklifts to store, stage and load heavy wood pallets.

  • Warehouse and Dock Space Savings
    Lifdek pallets are received and stored KDF (Knock Down Flat) occupying a fraction of the space conventional wood pallets require. This allows additional warehouse and dock space to be used for receiving and storing products.

  • Air Freight Savings
    Light weight Lifdek pallets save approximately $60 over conventional wood pallets when shipped Air Freight when billed at $2.00 per pound. Air freight savings exceed $1,000,000 converting just 17,000 pallets from wood to Lifdek.

  • Landfill Savings
    Lifdek pallets are captured and re-pulped by the corrugated recycling infrastructure already in place for corrugated boxes, rarely entering a landfill. Hardwood pallets are one of the biggest solid waste contributors to landfills.

  • Emissions Savings
    The amount of fuel used to ship and retrieve empty pallets to and from customers is reduced substantially because Lifdek pallets ship KDF, allowing more than four times the quantity of wood pallets per trailer load. Each gallon of diesel fuel saved would decrease carbon emissions by 22 pounds.

  • Cross Contamination Elimination
    Corrugated board is made using high temperatures and is approved for food and pharmaceutical applications because of its sterile nature. Lifdek pallets ship one way, preventing exposure to contaminants, harmful chemicals, and bacteria.

  • Slip Sheet Elimination
    Slip sheet purchases add additional costs as a necessary barrier to each wood pallet, but Lifdek pallets eliminate them due to the smooth, clean top surface.

  • Treated Pallet Elimination
    Some countries have stopped receiving wood pallets due to the wood boring insects they transport. Lifdek pallets are ISPM15 exempt, which prevents your products from being held at port.

  • Wood Pallet Injury Elimination
    Pallet related injuries to employees and customers caused by heavy wood pallets and poor pallet quality are eliminated with smooth, light weight Lifdek pallets.

  • Recycling Revenue Increase
    Lifdek pallets can be recycled with other corrugated boxes, generating additional recycling revenue. Over 73% of corrugated board is captured with today’s efficient recycling infrastructure – higher than any other packaging material.